TRANS CERDANYA, since its foundation, has always been a company dedicated to road passenger transport, and has always shown a stamp of commitment and quality as the priority argument in its offer, with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction. Quality is a goal shared by the entire organisation and lies under our sole responsibility. Our customers can be sure of finding a reliable response from the first contact until the end.  

TRANS CERDANYA is directly involved in the effort of making economical development compatible with the protection of the environment, with the goal of giving our future generations a prosperous and healthy environment. It involves complying with the legislation and standards designed to deal with this, as well as setting a short and medium-term goal based on the reduction of environmental impact during the services provided.

The objective of our company’s Quality and Environment Policy is to consolidate this reality, applying the continuous improvement concept, always improving our service and the attention we give to our clients within environmental safety practices. We firmly believe that these are key factors to show suitable business management and thus ensure continuity of our business in the future. 

Our principles are based on offering:

  • Professionalism of our service
  • Pleasant and cordial environment
  • Maximum security to our customers
  • The best fleet of coaches with the maximum features required by the market

To ensure the compliance of all the aforementioned, all financial as well as technological and human efforts will be made, within a viable balanced, in order to fulfil the quality and environmental objectives and redirect the activities taking place in order to minimize the use of non-renewable resources and prevent pollution.

Salvador Rigola

ISO 14000 i ISO 9001     BIOFREEE 006/20

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